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cow: A coloured version of Breilúith, an old avatar of mine. (colour-brei)

bovinia station

the train is departing. please stand clear of the doors.

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Birthdate:Feb 25, 1982
Location:Toronto, Canada
Website:Cow's LiveJournal
Hi! I'm Cow. I write stuff and make stuff and try, occasionally, to do things with the stuff I make.

This is my writing journal. I attempt to write something every day, and mostly succeed. Because of the intimate nature of that sort of an experiment, this journal is access-restricted and I am somewhat selective in who I add. If you'd like to see my more public blog, it's at LiveJournal.

Some days I do one-off things (a short poem or a tiny story); sometimes I work on bigger projects. If you're new or catching up, you can see the current big project(s) collected into one post at this tag.

Interests (100):

andalucía, androgyny, angels, angst puppies, aurora borealis, bananas, bards, bede, books, bovines, c89.5, canada, cascadia, cbc, christine de pisan, clerics, cloaks, collars, computers, cookies, counting crows, cows, cranberries, cross stitch, cycling, delerium, drow, earl grey tea, eeyore, fire, fuzzy warm hooded things, geekdom, ginsberg, going somewhere, gordon lightfoot, grass sections, gregory of tours, gryphons, hack the planet!, healing, history, hostels, information science, inventing cataloguing systems, jesuits, latin, levelling up, libby davies, library geekery, linux, lionrock, living debt-free, loreena mckennitt, marrakech, mildmay, mjadra, mojave spaceport, monasticism, moono, mount pleasant, music, music snobbery, mythology, new democratic party, no fruit for spong, obsolete technology, omd, pacific central station, pad kee mao, pandas, peasant history, perl, pie, portland, preemptive self-deprecation, private spaceflight, pyromania, raven jokes, reading in the sun, sakura trees, sangoire, scrabble, seattle, skytrain, staring at the harbour, steel, stories, sunset into the pacific, tarquin and martyr, trabant chai lounge, trains, true patriot love, university of washington, unmitigated dorkery, vancouver, velvet, vision vancouver, wandering gypsies, white mage, winnie-the-pooh
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